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A prayer when we are set apart

Being set apart from friends and family is a trial we all face. Today we asked the Lord to strengthen us through loneliness, and isolation as we press on...

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A prayer in evil days

Come into agreement with us for the Lord to give you and your family and friends grace, guidance, protection, and deliverance in the midst of the trial and tribulation...

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A prayer to be delivered from the pursuit of happiness

A prayer for the Lord to deliver us from seeking happiness and to deliver us to seeking holiness.

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A prayer for healing from everlasting to everlasting

Come into agreement with us for the Lord to heal you with his loving-kindness.

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A prayer to know that he is with you

In the worst of times, let us pray that we will know, above all else, that he is with us.

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A prayer to destroy strongholds

Let us come into agreement, in Jesus' name,  to destroy the strongholds that so easily entangles, first inside of us, and then the world around us.

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The Lord does nothing except through the prayers and petitions of his children and everything with it.

Come into agreement with us for the Lord to give you favor at work, and in your finances: healing in your body and deliverance from evil.

Pray with us every Friday for the lost to be found and the sick to be healed as we bow our hearts and come to the Lord together in praise and petition.  


May those who seek, pray

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